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Dried Ñoras Peppers

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Whole Dried Ñora Pepper by Chiquilin. 

Use the dry red pepper to make rice dishes, fish stews, vegetables soup, etc.

  • Box 0.60 oz - 17 g
  • Product of Spain
  • Nora dried peppers are known in Spain as ñoras. They are used for broths like the vegetable or fish paella one but it is also very common in other types of soups and sauces, casseroles, fish, rice and stir fry recipes. It is recommended to sting in mortar before using to enjoy its entire aroma. It is one of the ingredients used for seasoning paella along with the saffron and paprika or pimenton. Very similar to choricero pepper is not exactly the same as nora peppers are always dried peppers and pimiento choricero not.